About our Menu

Our goal when defining Wolverine Tacos was to create a 'taco shop' that celebrates the many different cultures & cuisines that have blended together to become food as we know it today.  While our menu is greatly influenced by what many would consider 'traditional' tacos, we are anything but traditional, nor do we try to be. In a nutshell, the menu ended up being a reflection of those flavors that have influenced & shaped us over the years and got us where we are today.


We slow cook our meats with various seasonings and marinades to ensure that they receive the proper care & attention to make delicious taco fillings. We tried to find the right balance of spice that would appeal to those that like a kick and to those that don't want to be kicked. 

While our #1 goal was to create delicious tacos and accompaniments, our second #1 goal was to make sure to carefully design the menu to be very friendly to many of today's preferences, dietary needs and  common allergies. We intentionally omitted peanuts from any menu item; almost every item is safe or easily modified to be safe for folks who need to stay away from gluten; dairy is used minimally and can easily be removed from most dishes. Our chef has been able to creatively reform several common sauces and dishes to be free of those ingredients we work so hard to avoid. We think you will find that you won't even miss them!

It was very important to us to have plenty of dishes that are vegetarian & vegan that can stand on their own two feet. Our vegan chorizo is made in-house and mimics its carnivorous relative in taste and texture. We also have several other taco options that you don't have to be vegan to enjoy!

Have any comments or questions about our menu?

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